Gregor May

The Ideal of Anarchism

“Every Person needs an ideal, the ideal may not be realized today or tomorrow. But you must have an ideal, which carry you forward in life, which is inspiring you deep to act. Were living in a society , we have made economical progress, but not at all were living in a society living in a society without slaves, without poverty, without misunderstanding, social injustice all around us in the society. And there are people, foolish like myself and many others, we call ourself anachists, who feel that this injustice can be done away with, that people can be educated. We must in our soul belive, that justice must prevail, we must behave that concept, that we are going carry on, little by little. You see, the problem is, when you get people into the movement, and they see the revolution over tomorrow and it doesn’t come tomorrow, it doesn’t come the solution, they will never be revolutionaries, they never had a concept of the true understanding, the understanding no matter what happens, you will carry on that ideal, you feel that justice must prevail , the concept of justice, moral certainty, right is right, is a doctrine, no matter what you call an anarchosyndicalist, an anarchist individualist, anarchist communist, what is the ultimate goal of all these ideas? Ultimate ideal of all these people was ultimate human justice for everybody and that is the ideal what anarchism stands for.”